Review the last journeys

Santa Cruz

We will start the journey going to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz have a promenade, close to the sea, where we have the bars, the beach…

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Famous house of Santana

With this journey,the Cozinha da Madeira pretend to take our participants to see the famous house of Santana, here in Madeira…

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Ponta do Pargo

We start going directly to calheta to grab the ingredients necessary to cook ours recipes, starting with the garlic and…

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Tuna steaks with 'sonhos'

Hi Cozinha da Madeira community, with theses recipes CDM will leads you to Calheta where we will collect the garlic and the…

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New Recipes

Traditional Madeira "sonhos" with honey

The water should boil together with the limon and the salt.
When the water is already boiling,…

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Tuna steaks (Madeira style)

Cut the steaks, season with vinegar, garlic, bay leaf and salt leaving like this for a few hours. Fry…

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Madeiran stew made of boiled meat with vegetables

Wash the meat and cook it in salted water in a large pan. If u use salted meat, remove the salt. When…

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New ingredients





I have experienced one of the journeys, in Calheta, and I have to tell you guys that was amazing. It was a worderful experience, with so much culture, good food and wine and, above all, great people. Can't wait to do another journey"

by Jose Rodrigues at 18:23pm, 13th May 2013

It's a great service, it's a different way to enjoy the island escaping from the usuals tourists services that Madeira island have to offer. The best thing is the interaction with people from others cultures, and going to the local collect the ingredients, and get to know a little better the culture of Madeira island."

by Cesar Dias at 14:23pm, 10th May 2013

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